In Australia Rail Bike Adventure

The words explain it all. It is an amazing travelling experience on Railway tracks, just like cycling a bicycle, only difference is that you don’t have to steer or balance and you will never fall down to tip over, all you need to do is pedalling your way through nature scenery and having fun!

Such eco-friendly tourism is loved by many green enthusiasms all over the global, for it has little to no impact on environment.  On the other hand, it’s high accessibility suitable for young and old, as well as making it possible for disabled or paraplegics to have a chance to go outdoors and enjoy the sightseeing and breath fresh air.

Rail Bike Australia introduced the first and only pedal Rail Bikes in Australia powered with battery assistance, so that riders can effortless cycling through up hills and go further distance.

The first trip will be available at Ida Bay Railway from the 1st Sep 2019, please be patient; meanwhile, you can book in advance for limited opening promotion rewards valued at $76 from https://idabayrailway.com.au/shop/pedal-battery-powered-rail-bike/

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